April 26, 2011

Be Your Own Boss

Be Your Own Boss

We have the suites and amenities to impress your clientele. Tired of working in a salon where you have to share space with others, or having clients come to your home? We will help you grow as a small business owner so you can reach your full potential!

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Your personal suite is the core of the Solera Salon experience. Each Solera facility is developed around giving you, the salon professional, a space dedicated to you and the growth of your business, with everything you need to run your own salon.

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Solera Salon is the best combination of environment and service for salon professionals ready to elevate their careers to the highest level.

  • Keep what you earn and realize your full earning potential.
  • Build better customer relationships in your private suite and attract new customers.
  • Receive every day the services and support you need to be successful.
  • Free yourself from traditional salon drama.
  • Surround yourself with a community of like-minded professionals.
  • Enjoy the amenities of a luxury facility designed specifically for you.
  • Control your professional destiny.


At Solera Salon you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Solera Salon gives you the resources to keep your business on track and growing, so you can reach your full earning and professional potential.

  • Private suites allow your customers to have an intimate experience that both you and they deserve.
  • Need more room? Solera Salon standard suites are 10-30% larger than most other suites in the market, while staying competitive on price.
  • You design and decorate your suite to showcase your style and individual taste.
  • Expansive exterior and interior suites, many with windows facing outside.
  • Every suite comes equipped with salon furnishings, European shampoo bowl and dryer station. Just bring your shears and your talent.
  • Enjoy selecting the retail brands that you believe in, and thrive from the capture of 100% of your own retail proceeds.
  • Solera Salon provides a locked room and a key-card for secure 24-hour access so you can set your own schedule to suit your customers’ needs.
  • Central vacuum system in every room to clean away hair clippings.
  • Private lounge with business center amenities and kitchen appliances.
  • Cable-TV outlet (where available), telecom access, wi-fi broadband access.
  • Free of the stress and drama found in traditional environments. Just close your door for privacy.


Solera Salon provides accomplished professionals what they need to thrive every day and earn more than they could in any other environment. You’re a valuable client, not a tenant. Our services make all the difference.

  • On-site Solera Salon team with a full-time manager and staff addressing your needs and the needs of your customers, as well as keeping the environment to the highest quality standards.
  • We offer business-building services. Learn how to manage and run your salon better; how to upsell, increase average tickets and more.
  • An entire building designed from the ground up specifically for successful stylists and related professionals, located in prime, highly-visible locations.
  • Concierge service for your customers and guests, helping them find your suite and assisting where and when needed. This is unique to Solera Salon.
  • Convenient, full-service cafe to serve food, snacks, coffee and other drinks to you and your customers.
  • Full-service salon and spa services available for you and your customers, offering a chance to satisfy all personal care needs at one location.
  • All the necessary furnishings to start working the day you open your door. Just bring your scissors, blow dryer and clients and you’re ready to start making more money
  • Web page profiles designed specifically for you the services you provide, and a website optimized to make finding you easier ensure that your customers will always know how to contact you.
  • Solera Salon is meticulous with respect to the cleanliness of all common areas to create a professional and comfortable environment for our clients and their guests.
  • On-site laundry facility for your convenience.
  • Ample parking for you and your customers.
  • Business liability insurance program at extremely competitive rates.
  • Digital video security cameras at all entrances and parking lot.
  • Air conditioning with fresh-air intake to assist in evacuating typical salon fumes and ensure your comfort.

Suites and Amenities

Spa and Salon professionals will find no better environment to provide their services anywhere than Solera Salon & Spa.

Private suites are only the beginning. The day you join Solera Salon & Spa you have a suite equipped with world-class quality bowls, drying station, chair and furniture. The facility has air conditioning and fresh-air recycling designed to provide an ideal mix of comfort.

But even before you reach your suite, you know you are in a special place. The moment you and your clients walk into the building you find a luxury setting complete with café, special reception areas and a staff of professionals working to ensure your needs are met.

Why Pros Choose Solera

Solera Salon is different from other salon suite concepts

Solera Salon has constructed a world-class facility from the ground up for one purpose only: to serve salon professionals and provide an ideal destination for their customers. To this unique environment Solera Salon brings a level of business service unprecedented in the industry, all to give you the opportunity to bring your career to its maximum potential.

What kinds of services does Solera Salon offer to assist me?

The day you join, you will feel the Solera Salon difference. Your customers are greeted and served as they enter the warm and inviting reception area, a terrific feature that helps capture and retain customers. You and your customers have access to our Spa services to take care of all your personal care needs.

For those new to business ownership, Solera Salon can help establish a corporate entity, sales tax license and provide recommendations for accounting services. Participate in the Solera Salon on-going training program to learn how to boost sales and profits. Participate in our general liability program to cover your business risks, and much more.

How does joining Solera Salon improve my income?

Unlike booth rent or commission environments, what you earn serving your customers is yours to keep. Because Solera Salon handles many routine business issues, you are truly only responsible for your variable expenses and the lease. Plus Solera Salon offers coaching sessions on techniques proven to boost service and retail sales.