Directory Lone Tree

Directory for Solera Salon at Lone Tree, Colorado

The salon and spa professionals at Solera Salon Lone Tree are listed below. Please feel free to contact them to make an appointment or request information. If the person you seek is not listed, or if you’re looking for information on specific services and don’t know where to start, please contact Solera Salon’s Lone Tree staff at 303.708.0006 or email any time.

102aShear SerenityAmy DorowHair720-352-3906Click for Details
102bJulie WhittingtonJulie WhittingtonHair720-317-9266Click for Details
103aCandice JantzenCandice JantzenHair303-808-7159Click for Details
103bAmy ValleeAmy ValleeHair720-339-4166
104aKami Wood DesignsKami WoodHair303-902-0422Click for Details
104bTamar TetreaultTamar TetreaultHair303-917-6621Click for Details
105aDanelle MyersDanelle MyersHair720-323-8654Click for Details
105bNicole StegmaierNicole StegmaierHair303-562-8420Click for Details
106The Color SuiteMegan RyanHair303-550-7894Click for Details
106The Color SuiteVictoria TroutHair720-938-7466Click for Details
106Danielle LovegroveDanielle LovegroveHair303-668-0249Click for Details
107aStephanie PopeStephanie PopeHair720-298-2154Click for Details
107bKendall SkeelsKendall SkeelsHair720-273-6577Click for Details
108Amber ScruggsAmber ScruggsHair303-669-8257Click for Details
108Michelle MorleyMichelle MorleyHair303-564-7882Click for Details
108Kelly LeebeltKelly LeebeltHair303-521-2950
108Whitney RussellWhitney RussellHair720-936-3358
108Scissorhand IncAllison FosterHair303-507-8229
111Colorado WaxingLorelee RobinsonSkin303-618-3448Click for Details
113Skin CareCaley EasonSkin303-406-1084Click for Details
114aBea Nails lllBea HoangNails720-323-0821Click for Details
115Le Bon Temps SalonTrina SchneiderHair720-319-1755Click for Details
116A-List Hair DesignAmanda EicherHair720-937-0264Click for Details
123James Hair VentureJodi JamesHair720-320-1259Click for Details
128Kristal ToschakKristal ToschakHair303-588-0126Click for Details
202aSalon Mee MeeMee Mee ChoiHair303-482-6440Click for Details
202bKhanhTien PhamKhanhTien Thuy PhamHair/Waxing303-667-7619Click for Details
203Leslie LamLeslie LamHair720-323-7957Click for Details
205The Looking GlassHaley GoadHair720-939-2295Click for Details
206aCarol MontoyaCarol MontoyaHair303-525-5064Click for Details
206bMishka TaulmanMishka TaulmanHair720-394-7140Click for Details
207aBrittany GibsonBrittany GibsonHair720-982-3540Click for Details
207bHair color & extension specialistKaylee BrouxHairClick for Details
208The Art of HairSheri EdwardsHair720-253-4038Click for Details
209Aurora GarberAurora GarberHair Color720-201-3003Click for Details
210aAngelina’sAngelina BiondolilloHair303-596-1424Click for Details
210bHolly SchnurbuschHolly SchnurbuschHair303-241-4520Click for Details
212Sherrie Conway LLCSherrie ConwayHair720-244-8107Click for Details
213Élan StudioErika GreenHair720-231-1134Click for Details
214Studio 214Dianna ShoemakerHair720-530-9162Click for Details
215aHair Color Pro LLCCharles FruthHair720-987-8488
215bJenna DanielsJenna DanielsHair720-939-3783
216aSanctuaryKari BremnerHair303-912-1717Click for Details
216bSanctuaryStacy ReevesHair303-525-3535Click for Details
217Bridget Kelly at Solera SalonBridget KellyHair303-355-5854Click for Details
218HairArtzLesli StewartHair303-829-4030Click for Details
220aDonna WilsonDonna WilsonHair/Color303-916-7529Click for Details
220bMorgan McKinneyMorgan McKinneyHair/Color303-956-0243Click for Details
221aCrissy Chase Hair DesignCrissy ChaseHair720-220-6184Click for Details
221bHair by Sarah BaerSarah BaerHair303-885-0019Click for Details
221cAmie AllegranziAmie AllegranziHair/Color303-931-4141Click for Details
222Laurie’s StudioLaurie GustafsonHair303-514-2720Click for Details
227aOoh La La Med SpaOlga MatevosyantsSkin720-382-8938Click for Details
227bOoh La La Med SpaZermene GuinSkin303-918-4077Click for Details
228Blinks and BrowsDenea TippettSkin720-999-2282