At Solera Salon you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself. Solera Salon gives you the resources to keep your business on track and growing, so you can reach your full earning and professional potential.

  • Private suites allow your customers to have an intimate experience that both you and they deserve.
  • Need more room? Solera Salon standard suites are 10-30% larger than most other suites in the market, while staying competitive on price.
  • You design and decorate your suite to showcase your style and individual taste.
  • Expansive exterior and interior suites, many with windows facing outside.
  • Every suite comes equipped with salon furnishings, European shampoo bowl and dryer station. Just bring your shears and your talent.
  • Enjoy selecting the retail brands that you believe in, and thrive from the capture of 100% of your own retail proceeds.
  • Solera Salon provides a locked room and a key-card for secure 24-hour access so you can set your own schedule to suit your customers’ needs.
  • Central vacuum system in every room to clean away hair clippings.
  • Private lounge with business center amenities and kitchen appliances.
  • Cable-TV outlet (where available), telecom access, wi-fi broadband access.
  • Free of the stress and drama found in traditional environments. Just close your door for privacy.

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