Why Pros Choose Solera

Solera Salon is different from other salon suite concepts

Solera Salon has constructed a world-class facility from the ground up for one purpose only: to serve salon professionals and provide an ideal destination for their customers. To this unique environment Solera Salon brings a level of business service unprecedented in the industry, all to give you the opportunity to bring your career to its maximum potential.

What kinds of services does Solera Salon offer to assist me?

The day you join, you will feel the Solera Salon difference. Your customers are greeted and served as they enter the warm and inviting reception area, a terrific feature that helps capture and retain customers. You and your customers have access to our Spa services to take care of all your personal care needs.

For those new to business ownership, Solera Salon can help establish a corporate entity, sales tax license and provide recommendations for accounting services. Participate in the Solera Salon on-going training program to learn how to boost sales and profits. Participate in our general liability program to cover your business risks, and much more.

How does joining Solera Salon improve my income?

Unlike booth rent or commission environments, what you earn serving your customers is yours to keep. Because Solera Salon handles many routine business issues, you are truly only responsible for your variable expenses and the lease. Plus Solera Salon offers coaching sessions on techniques proven to boost service and retail sales.